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My Lenovo Flex 3

I love computers. But like most people who love computers I have specific things about my computer that if you change them it really annoys me. This last spring A accidentally spilled coffee on my Mac book pro keyboard. I have a Mac book pro because I got it for free, and I won’t get into why I dislike Apple as a company or its products in this post. So the coffee killed two corners of the keyboard but everything else was fine, so I did some asking around and the guys at the computer shop said it would cost $200 to replace the keyboard because the version I have is held in by almost 100 tiny little screws. I decided to hold off and see what the Windows world had for light compact laptops before making a decision.

I found the Lenovo Flex 3 14″! The Lenovo Flex is very similar to the Yoga but it’s a lot cheaper which is what I was looking for. D found a deal online for around $400 and bought it for me. I decided that now that I had a new computer I would try and fix my Mac keyboard on my own now, it has been sitting in my house ever since.

As a parent, I am obsessed with my touch screen. I have never bought into the belief that kids shouldn’t have exposure to electronics and A has had a LeapPad since he was one year old. Granted that was mostly because most unmarried geeky guy friends really have no idea what a one-year-old wants for his birthday. Bit for months he really enjoyed turning it on and off. So A is very good at using the mouse and touchpad but he still needs occasional help and he has the tendency to click out of the program he is using. With the Flex I can open in Full-screen and flip the keyboard under and set it on the coffee table (with no liquids) and he can play his learning games to his hearts’ content while I go and clean the kitchen.

There are only things that annoy me about this laptop is the keyboard and touch-pad. The keyboard is small which normally would not be a problem but the touchpad is so large and offsets to the left enough that it causes me to hit the caps lock key instead of the ‘a’ key about 25% of the time. Also with the keyboard layout, I have a tendency to hit the home key instead of the backspace. My biggest issue with the touch-pad is the size. It is way to big and I have a hard time left-clicking. If my hands were larger then I don’t think I would have as big of an issue, but on the upside, it has caused me to get into the habit of touching the screen to click.

Overall, I highly recommend this Laptop especially if you are planning to allow your toddler to use it. Me I’m hoping to get a larger solid-state drive for Christmas so I can have more space.