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My Morning Update 03/12/2018

Good morning!

So daylight savings hit me a little hard this morning. I didn’t get up until 5:15 am. So I was a little rushed this morning making sure that everyone got out of the house dressed, fed, and on time. I am currently writing this on my phone while driving D to work, D is driving.

My exercise this morning was

I hope you have a wonderful day!

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My Morning Update 03/08/2018

Goodmorning! Well, this morning I had a rough start. I could have easily slept for another hour but I dragged my butt out of bed. Then, baby I woke up screaming that she was hungry so I had to stop and nurse. So I didn’t get to my morning exercise till 5:35 am and I still have breakfast to make and have to get dressed for the day so I will make this short.

My exercise this morning was

Also, go check out PTXofficial. They are an awesome singing group that does covers with no instruments. Just trust me and check them out.


Have a wonderful morning!

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My Morning Update 03/07/2018

I’m back!

So after taking an unplanned break after having a baby, I am finally back. I was successful in having a natural birth, I will be posting my birth story at some point, and transitioning to having two kids and D going back to work and taking a baby with us on all of A’s many outings. So ya it took a while. But last week I tried out a new alarm app (Sleep Cycle) on my phone. It wakes you up in a half hour window based on your movement picking the optimal time for you to wake up based on your sleep rhythm. Yes, I know this isn’t a new concept and I have tried other apps like this before, but this one does not require a wearable or to be on the mattress when you sleep. This app uses the microphone to figure out when you have come out of a deep sleep and know when to wake you up, and if that doesn’t creep you out then the good news is that it seems to work fairly well. Even though I do plan on eventually buying a smartwatch since I have been wanting one since they first came out, Sleep Cycle is defiantly a reasonable option for sleep tracking and easy waking up until that time.

So back to last week. I successfully woke up at 5 am or sometimes 4:45 am all week long. I am back to exercising most mornings, my house is starting to become cleaner room by room, and I have organized enough to start teaching A to read with daily school work. I will probably make a post more on our process of learning to read as well.

So on to this morning. I woke up at 5 am and started my morning with some yoga! I started a yoga challenge by Bad Yogi. If you would like to join me here is day one.

I found it nice and simple but invigorating.

Now I am brewing coffee in my french press and writing to the universe, OK most likely just my extended family and friends and only some of them, but I can pretend!

Feel free to leave a comment below letting me know how you found this and how we are connected.