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My Miracle Morning #75

This morning had a rough start. A woke me up at 6:11 am and I was not doing well. So I went back to sleep for about 30 mins. After waking up I felt better and took my shower. I went into the kitchen to start breakfast and decided it had to wait because I was tired of having dishes left all over my counters. This morning some were clean and some were dirty from last night, a side effect of me being tired and going to bed early. So I spent 30 minutes cleaning the kitchen and ran the dishwasher. Then A decided he wanted to cut paper with his scissors. That’s no problem but I decided to get a clean living room out of it. So A and I spend the next 30 minutes picking up the living room. He is now happily shredding construction paper and gluing to itself and I am happily sitting in a clean living room. So now I should probably start breakfast but decided to take a little break first.

My exercise today will be walking down to the local Dollar Tree to buy more bubbles, and to Target so A can pick out a toy for his friend who is having a birthday party. Hopefully, the rain we are supposed to get tomorrow doesn’t get here early.

Today’s Affirmations:

  • I will be calm and patient with A today.
  • I am a loving wife and mother.
  • I will code for at least 30 mins today.
  • I will work on school for at least 30 mins today.
  • If I see something out of place I will take the time to put it away.

I hope you have a wonderful day!

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