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My Miracle Morning #70

This morning I woke up naturally at 5:50 am. After a nice shower, A woke up and after waking up D he decided that he wanted donuts. I told him that he had to walk to the donut shop if he wanted any. So A got dressed and we had a nice little walk down to the donut shop while D got ready for work. The walk took about 20 mins and A brought back donuts for everyone! D seemed to really enjoy the surprising treat before heading off to work.

So my morning exercise was a nice walk with my boy! Who could ask for a better way to start a day.


  • I will finish my sewing project.
  • I will work on school for at least 30 mins
  • I will do laundry today
  • I will code for 30 mins
  • I will respond calmly when A asks for my attention.

Have a wonderful day!


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