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My Miracle Morning #68

This morning I woke up before my alarm at 6:30 am. My alarm was set at 7 am. So I am counting this as a win. After getting A to pick up some of his toys in his room I started my morning.

My morning yoga was PREGNANCY YOGA: EPISODE 1.

Then I paused to spray down the shower and take care of the strawberry tops that someone, D, hadn’t put down the garbage disposal yesterday. This caused me to start gagging and I ended up throwing up. D is in a little hot water because through all this he was sitting oblivious on the couch. D did apologize before heading to work, though. So I will forgive him and hopefully, he will do better next time.

My Affirmations

  • I will be calm and patient when dealing with A today.
  • I will code at least 30 minutes
  • I will take the time to eat a healthy balanced diet
  • I will work on homework for 30 minutes
  • I will take the time to put things away

My visualization today is of a happy healthy baby after an easy natural birth.

I hope you have a wonderful Monday!

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My Miracle Morning #67

So a quick update. I am now 12 weeks pregnant and things are looking up. At about 10 and a half weeks my morning sickness disappeared. So that was a huge relief because I was being hit hard with morning sickness. But then I came down with a very bad cold that took over a week to get over. Then to top it off A got the same cold but worse. He spent 24 hrs with a fever and is still dealing with the aftermath of coughing and snot. But we are all on the mend now and D seems to have avoided the bug so far.

My mornings are in a little bit of a mess. I have found that I need at least 10 hrs of sleep a night right now to function. So I am working on getting to bed earlier so that it is possible for me to wake up at least or 6 am. Also with the return of myself, I hope to start exercising in the morning as well.

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!