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My Miracle Morning #50

This morning I was successful at waking up at 5 am! It helped that I was in bed by 9:30 pm and asleep by 10:30 pm last night. But I now have the benefit now of having a reason for when my hormones are acting up unlike before. Why is that? I found out on Friday that I am finally pregnant again! So I am 4 weeks pregnant and will be due on October 1st. A is very excited about the baby and becoming a big brother. Of course, it helps that this is something he has been asking for and talking about for over a year now. So we spent the weekend calling all the close relatives so that I wouldn’t have to censor myself or hurt anyone’s feelings. It was also a lot of fun. For the calls that A was awake for he told the news and he tended to mix it up with the fact that he got to eat spaghetti and meatballs Friday evening and that he finally got the lightsabers that he has been wanting so much. Example: “Good News! I ate spaghetti and meatballs! Mama and Dada baby! I Big brother!” But he had fun telling people his good news and of course, it was way too cute.

My morning yoga was Prenatal Energetic Yoga Flow and Prenatal Yoga Flow – Stability for First & Second Trimesters. I’m going to be working hard to try and gain as little fat as is healthy this pregnancy so that it doesn’t take as long to get back down to weight.


  • I will respond calmly and rationally when my son asks for my attention.
  • When I see something out of place I will take the time to put it away right then.
  • I am a strong, intelligent woman who is not afraid to talk to people about what matters to me.
  • I will code for 30 mins today.
  • I am a loving wife and mother to my family. I radiate love.

My visualization today is of my family happy with money in the bank and a baby in my arms.

I hope you have a wonderful Monday!

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