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My Morning Miracle #33

Today’s Miracle Morning:

This morning I woke up at 6 am. The last couple of days my mornings have been different. I let myself sleep in and after I woke up I would have to start making breakfast right away. But I really needed the extra sleep over the holiday and I survived barely! But now that Christmas is over and I am no longer focused on making a memorable holiday for A. Things should get back to normal. To help kickstart normal I will be dragging D and A on a Hike-it-Baby hike today to get everyone outside! Also, it will help me get back out hiking. With A’s busy schedule hikes didn’t happen as often as they should have.

This morning D joined me and our meditation was Guided Meditation For Letting Go ♥ Day 5.

Our morning yoga was Best Yoga For All Levels ♥ Easy Peaceful Flow. This yoga video was surprisingly challenging even with it’s slow and steady pace and easy poses.


  • I will respond calmly and rationally when my son asks for my attention.
  • When I see something out of place I will take the time to put it away right then.
  • I am a strong, intelligent woman who is not afraid to talk to people about what matters to me.
  • I will code for 30 mins today.
  • I am a loving wife and mother to my family. I radiate love.

I rewrote my affirmations because I felt that they had lost some of their potency and needed to be refreshed. Making them shorter and more concise also helps me keep my mornings shorter and to the point.

My visualization today is of my family happy with money in the bank and a baby in my arms. A has been asking for a sibling and for the last eight months, we have been unable to make that happen. But even though my tests came back perfectly normal they won’t consider testing D for another three months. Even D thinks that it’s crazy for them to want to wait to get him tested. So I am thinking happy thoughts and making D take his multivitamin.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and have a happy Monday!

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