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My Morning Miracle #30

Today’s Miracle Morning:

This morning I am a little pressed for time. Last night I had a lovely battle with fatigue and insomnia. So I didn’t get to sleep until around 11 pm. I had been hoping to get to sleep at 9 pm because I was dealing with an arm hurting from getting blood drawn and nausea. To further delay my morning, D was sleeping on the couch. So since he is getting over being sick and I could use the extra sleep I let myself have an extra hour. But good news, this morning my arm is feeling better!

This morning my meditation was a meditation from my headspace app.

My morning yoga was Beginner Yoga ♥ Easy Morning Yoga For A Positive Mind.

This is where I am ending my morning today because I have to get ready to take D to work.

Have a wonderful day!

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