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My Miracle Morning #5

Today’s Miracle Morning:

This morning we were woken up at 4:30 am by A who did not want to snuggle for the next 30 minutes. So we got up and started our day at 4:30 instead of 5. This was after five and a half hours of sleep and my head was clear. After going through my morning ritual D and I meditated togeather and A even joined us for part of it. Guided Meditation For Letting Go ♥ Day 5.

D and I continued with a longer than usual yoga session, for a weekday, because we had the time. A joined us for parts of this as well. A has decided that he loves exercises and positions, his words for yoga. Easy Yoga For Beginners ♥ Full Body Gentle Flow.

I stopped and put tea on to steep.

I read another chapter in my current book: Meditation for Beginners: How to Relieve Stress, Anxiety and Depression and Return to a State of Inner Peace and Happiness. While reading I put my headphones in and turned on some classical music to help me concentrate with A running around.


  • I respond calmly and rationally when my son needs my attention.
  • When I see something out of place I put it away right then, I do not put it off until later.
  • I am a happy healthy person with lots of energy.
  • I am loving and affectionate towards my son and my husband.
  • I will be productive today.
  • I will do one thing today that will help reach financial freedom.
  • I am a strong and capable woman who is not afraid to speak up for what is right.

I have decided to stick with this visualization for awhile. Me and my family having a picnic in our backyard at a house we own all happy and smiling.

Then I paused and took a shower.

Now I am sitting down to write in my journal and this post.

I hope you have a WONDERFUL day!


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