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My Morning Update 03/12/2018

Good morning!

So daylight savings hit me a little hard this morning. I didn’t get up until 5:15 am. So I was a little rushed this morning making sure that everyone got out of the house dressed, fed, and on time. I am currently writing this on my phone while driving D to work, D is driving.

My exercise this morning was

I hope you have a wonderful day!

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My Morning Update 03/08/2018

Goodmorning! Well, this morning I had a rough start. I could have easily slept for another hour but I dragged my butt out of bed. Then, baby I woke up screaming that she was hungry so I had to stop and nurse. So I didn’t get to my morning exercise till 5:35 am and I still have breakfast to make and have to get dressed for the day so I will make this short.

My exercise this morning was

Also, go check out PTXofficial. They are an awesome singing group that does covers with no instruments. Just trust me and check them out.


Have a wonderful morning!

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My Morning Update 03/07/2018

I’m back!

So after taking an unplanned break after having a baby, I am finally back. I was successful in having a natural birth, I will be posting my birth story at some point, and transitioning to having two kids and D going back to work and taking a baby with us on all of A’s many outings. So ya it took a while. But last week I tried out a new alarm app (Sleep Cycle) on my phone. It wakes you up in a half hour window based on your movement picking the optimal time for you to wake up based on your sleep rhythm. Yes, I know this isn’t a new concept and I have tried other apps like this before, but this one does not require a wearable or to be on the mattress when you sleep. This app uses the microphone to figure out when you have come out of a deep sleep and know when to wake you up, and if that doesn’t creep you out then the good news is that it seems to work fairly well. Even though I do plan on eventually buying a smartwatch since I have been wanting one since they first came out, Sleep Cycle is defiantly a reasonable option for sleep tracking and easy waking up until that time.

So back to last week. I successfully woke up at 5 am or sometimes 4:45 am all week long. I am back to exercising most mornings, my house is starting to become cleaner room by room, and I have organized enough to start teaching A to read with daily school work. I will probably make a post more on our process of learning to read as well.

So on to this morning. I woke up at 5 am and started my morning with some yoga! I started a yoga challenge by Bad Yogi. If you would like to join me here is day one.

I found it nice and simple but invigorating.

Now I am brewing coffee in my french press and writing to the universe, OK most likely just my extended family and friends and only some of them, but I can pretend!

Feel free to leave a comment below letting me know how you found this and how we are connected.

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My Miracle Morning #85

So this morning I seem to have a lot of energy. I woke up at 6 am after not being able to fall asleep last night till around 10:30 pm, so we shall see how long this lasts. Yesterday I walked all the way to the library and back with A riding his strider bike. A did awesomely though he was pretty tired after biking for 3 miles. I on the other had ended up with aching hips and didn’t get much else done that day.

Today my exercise will be walking up and down a creek bed with A and if I find the time I will do some yoga.

My main goal today is to relax and get A to his events on time, he has a busy day.

I hope you have a wonderful day!

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My Miracle Morning #84

So we are getting closer to being done with this pregnancy. My belly has definitely has gotten bigger in the last couple days and when I walk I can feel baby’s head pressing on my pelvic floor. The only issue I am currently having is acid reflux. Baby loves to press her little feet into my stomach causing me heartburn and yesterday it even caused me to puke.

A is getting really excited about his upcoming birthday. He got his birthday present from us early, mostly because D felt up to going to the store with me to pick it up. A got a new bed. It’s a raised bed with a ladder so that he can use the space underneath for more play area, but the best part according to him is we also got him a playhouse cover for the bed that converts the whole bed into a really cool playhouse where you get to sleep in the attic. He also got to pick out his own bedding and of course, he picks green sheets and a bright orange with black triangles comforter. But the color combo actually works out and looks really good.

My nesting needs seem to be getting stronger. This last week I rearranged the kitchen and yesterday I super cleaned and organized A’s room after spending most the day making pocket pies out of all the leftovers in the fridge and baked cookies. I am hoping that the pocket pies will help keep the food spoilage down to almost zero by taking the little bits of leftovers that for some reason no one seems to want to eat and making them super convenient for lunches and dinners when I have zero interest in food. The zero interest in food happens at least a couple times a week now mostly because my digestion seems to have slowed down and the heartburn. That state of mind makes it really hard to cook. Thankfully A seems to love anything as long as it has cheese, pizza, or pie in the name.

My exercise today will be some yoga to relieve the pain in my hips and chasing two toddlers around.

My main goal today is to get some work in on a website that I have been building.

I hope you have a wonderful Monday!

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My Miracle Morning #83


So I know I haven’t posted lately. I have been trying to get enough sleep. But I am almost 100% ready for this baby to come. I just have to pack our hospital bags and install the car seat base in our car. Yesterday I went out and bought everything I needed to create over 160 single person meals for the freezer, the I prepared them all. To say the least my back was hurting by the end of the day. But my estimate of cost is $1 per serving, though A eats only half servings and next time I will plan better and buy what I can at Costco in bulk. So my plan is to make up at least 2 main freezer dishes a week to keep our freezer stocked and by the time baby comes we should have a nice surplus to see us through the first few weeks after. This will be essential because when D cooks he has a tendency to ask way too many questions. So now all he has to do is remember to dump a bag into the crock pot in the morning and dinner is taken care of.

On the pregnancy front, things are looking up. My heartburn has disappeared almost like magic when I hit my 3rd trimester. So currently I am just dealing with being tired and having to wear my heavy duty belly band when I walk around town. Baby is very active and to top it off I have been experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions.

I have also finished all my cloth diapers and am working on making myself the ultimate diaper bag. I am also working on Christmas presents already so that I won’t have as much to do in the months following babies birth.

My exercise today will be yoga.

Today’s Affirmations:

  • I will be calm and rational when people ask for my attention.

I hope you have a wonderful day!

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My Miracle Morning #82

So I have been dealing with insomnia again. Lots of fun there, but thankfully I have opened up my schedule for the summer so I have been able to sleep in most mornings. So with my new found free time I have been working on creating a new habit. Every day last week I have made and eaten every meal at the table. A took to it right away and it has had the added benefit of helping him broaden his food preferences.

This morning I had to wake up at 6 am to make it to the farmers market, A had an outing planned at 10 so I had to go early. As a treat, I picked up 3 English muffins for breakfast. When I got home I cooked sausage patties, eggs, seared tomatoes, and seared endive while processing the veggies I had picked up for the next two weeks. So after toasting the English muffins with butter, I put everything togeather with a sprinkle of cheese making breakfast sandwiches. D, of course, was in heaven and A spent the meal having a blast unmaking and making the sandwich while eating some of everything, even the endive, greens have been the toughest to get him to eat regularly unless added to a dish.

For my exercise today I will be getting 15,000 steps. I have been averaging over 10,000 steps each day and I am hoping to maintain if not increase to help keep my weight gain down.

My affirmations:

  • I will spend at least 30 mins on school.
  • I will spend at least 30 mins on my websites.
  • I will respond calmly and rationally when my family asks for my attention.

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

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My Miracle Morning #81

So this morning started with the realization that I had slept on my left shoulder wrong and that the muscles did not like it. To top it off I had to deal with two boys, D and A, who didn’t appreciate that I first made them breakfast instead of trying to relieve the pain in my shoulder with some yoga. But I did get another 7 1/2 hours sleep last night so hopefully, my day will level out. I am hoping that a shower helps as well because I haven’t had time to take one yet and it might be throwing me off.

Yesterday I almost hit my step goal of 15,000 and I was able to increase my fluid intake. So not everything is looking dreary.

This morning my exercise was 15 Minute Gentle Prenatal Yoga for Second and Third Trimester + Post-Natal.
I also plan on taking a walk later to help get my steps in.


  • I will code for at least 30 mins
  • I will work on school for at least 30 mins
  • I will respond calmly and rationally when A asks for my attention

I hope you have a wonderful day!

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My Miracle Morning #80

So this morning is looking like it is going to be a good one. I have been suffering from insomnia for the last couple nights and it had really thrown off my hormones. But, last night I was able to get a good 10 1/2 hours of sleep last night. A also slept for a good 12 hours so we are both rested. Yesterday it was so bad that I didn’t meet mt step goal, I took a nap in the morning, and I would burst into tears over anything, and poor A just wanted me to feel better and didn’t understand what was going on. But he did end up getting a donut because I had a horribly intense craving for apple pie filling, the store bought variety. So now I have an apple pie in my fridge. Oh well mostly my cravings have been protein based, I have upped my greens intake, and I am walking a lot so it should balance out.

I am also starting to actually get excited about this pregnancy. I have always been happy about it but it was hard to get excited. For one, it wasn’t new I had already researched everything with A and for another, the first trimester really sucked and the whole pregnancy so far has been hormones, stabbing pain from my round ligaments (normal from what I have read), and periodic dull pain from my c-section scar (also normal). The added discomfort really surprised me, it’s not something that people seem to talk about or that doctors warn you about, though they should, especially since it turns out that your scar tissue can fuse to your uterus and cause you to have extream pain throughout your next pregnancy because it is slowly being ripped from your uterus. Thank goodness I don’t seem to have that problem. So the reason I am getting excited because on Friday we will be finding out if we are having a girl or a boy. This is a new experience for us because with A we didn’t find out until he was born.

My exercise today is going to be a walk to the playground. A really needs to get out of the house for awhile.


  • I will code for at least 30 mins
  • I will work on school for at least 30 mins
  • I will drink more water
  • I will take at least 15,000 steps or bounces
  • I will respond calmly and rationally when A asks for my attention

I hope you have a wonderful day!